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The simple reason is that we're using the EMF file format internally while the exporters need completely different information that cannot be extracted from the EMF. Thus, we were only able to support image file formats and - of course - PDF, which is created from EMF vector information. This is the second blog post covering the new features of combit Report Server version I already introduced some new features in the Ad-hoc Designer.

NET component can be easily integrated and used directly from Java — with the usual ease of use you are accustomed to from. With this cooperation, Java customers have easy access e. Since version 3 of the Report Server, you can create reports quickly and easily with the Ad-hoc Designer. NET developers for integration into their applications. This is the first of two blog posts presenting the new features of our combit Report Server in the upcoming version This enables us to better coordinate the needs of both products, and thus also of our customers.

Reason is, especially for web based data sources, it is not possible or feasible to get "all" data first and then filter to the desired subset. The upcoming version 24 comes with a powerful new feature that addresses this very issue: Parametrized Data Sources. It allows to combine data source parameters with actual report parameters in the Designer.

Today I proudly present the first feature preview! Let's be honest, developing has it's challenges. To meet the ever more diverse demands on applications and technologies, we all rely on a multitude of ressources to make our lives easier. So we, the makers of your favorite reporting tool, thought it's about time to let you benefit from our experience. Below you will find just a small selection of the tools that we can't do without. Anyway, I thought this would be a good opportunity to do some statistics with my favorite reporting tool. But we listened to the wishes of our customers and developed an easy-to-use redistribution assistant.

The Scalable Vector Graphics format has been around for quite a while. The first specification was released in , and meanwhile all browsers offer solid support for SVG. However, that hasn't happened so far. And so we had to come up with a different solution.

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The signal ranges are a handy gauge feature to highlight parts of the scale. It enables you to divide the scale e. That way, you can judge at a glance if a value is "good" or "bad".

In LL23, this feature has been extended to charts. With the upconing new version 23 we have some good news for you! This allows to define if the pie should consist of a full circle or just parts of it. No matter which data, using the DataProvider interface you can write your own custom binding. In LL23, there's a new member of this family that allows your applications to connect to Salesforce data easily. NET DataProvider concept allows to bind to almost any data source.


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Basically, it mimics a relational database management system containing tables, relations, sort orders etc. However, often you'll find yourself needing to combine data from different sources, e. The updates are particularly impressive in the ad-hoc Designer, which provides support for fast creation of simple tables and diagrams.

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As opposed to the extensive Report Server Designer, only the most important setting options are provided here. Hence, it is about time we reported on the new features of our enterprise reporting solution! However there was one thing still missing. When dropping e. The same for numerical values — do you want decimals? If yes, how many? Do you require a local formatting? Or a currency symbol?

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While you can easily achieve any of these formattings using simple formulas or the "Format" property, you have to do just that. So drag and drop is not the no-brainer it is supposed to be in a perfect world. In LL23, the world will actually become a little more perfect. Sometimes, there already exist ready-made.

NET modules which contain the desired requirements and which need to be used in your own unmanaged application. But the question then is: How can a. NET module be made accessible to an unmanaged system?

Key responsibilities:

Continuing the journey of improving the performance , we decided to tweak a bit on the printing side as well. These optimizations help when using the same table several times with different fields. Think of a tabular report with some charts and a crosstab. Typically you have different views on your data in these objects.

For these cases, the improvement is huge — I mean really huge.

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During the years, we've added powerful databinding to the components, however at the core, the principle stayed the same: your application or the databinding layer passes all available data before opening the Designer. This is an important nerd metric, meaning "time to first hello world". Currently the combit Report Server is available as a standalone out-of-the-box, self-service reporting solution.

You can configure data sources, ad-hoc-design your reports, preview in your browser, export reports to a huge variety of formats or schedule email blasts. All of this in a responsive web application that works on any device. One of the nice parts of my job is getting around quite often. Through the years, I've held some hundred presentations. At developer conferences, user group meetings and our own roadshows the next will happen this fall.

I thought I'll share some hints and tools I've found valuable. Today marks the launch of Microsoft Visual Studio We're also celebrating 15 years of. NET and 20 years of Visual Studio. It's been a long way! NET was released. The range of functionality grew with every new task. By now it supports real data preview which is handled in a separate thread. Starting with the Solace templates, those were donated to the public domain in Since then, various contributors have been working on them.

First of all, on behalf of the whole combit team I'd like to wish you a happy belated new year. I hope you enjoyed the holiday season and start into with refueled energy. GS1 defines a huge range of application identifiers that can be used to encode certain information in a barcode. Besides the Global Trade Item Number GTIN , which is usually the most important part, the production date, packaging component number, count of items and many more application identifiers AIs are defined.

Internally, the UDP protocol is now used for sending debug messages. Logging services and web applications has been a royal pain before - it has just become a breeze. Coincidentially, this happens to be around my birthday, but that's a different story.